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could really use help weaning off Subs correctly
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    Default could really use help weaning off Subs correctly

    Can anyone experienced give me advice on the best way to wean off suboxen strips. Ive been on a dose for 1 yr. I started with half strip or 4mg and then last 6 months took one fourth strip 2mg. Last week i went down to 1mg or one eight. I am already feeling the withdrawal side effects, joint pain sweats all day, minor headache and depression. Any advice help from my experts soooo needed. I feel so alone!! Thank you and god bless. Btw i used 30 to 90mg of percs before getting on subs, and they arent my script. But i never ever abused them andafter this year on them while i changed all my habits, IM READY FOR SOBER NEW LIFE.

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    You're reducing too fast and that's probably why you're experiencing those symptoms. The plan we use here has you reducing the dose by 25% every 4 or so days, when you get completely stable with little or no withdrawals. Going from 2mg to 1mg is a 50% reduction and just too much seeing how strong sub is.

    Here's the link to the sub plan -

    Go down to the taper part of the plan and read it over. Ask all the questions you need. Lots of us have used thisvery same plan and now off doing great! You can remain at 1mg for a while and you will level out, but it may take longer than the 4 days it usually takes. Wait until you're real stable before reducing again. Follow the plan and reduce as low as possible then use the day skipping process at the end. If you do this you'll have the least amount of symptoms.


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    Thanks so much Randy i really appreciate the email and response. I looked into it and god bless you. I did the plan and am down to .5mg today. I feel pretty ok, ill do it for a week and see how it goes..
    Did u feel w/d after ur sub wean process??

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