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Day 1 of getting off of suboxone
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    Time to_FreeDom is offline New Member
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    Default Day 1 of getting off of suboxone

    Hello everyone
    I’m not really sure how this all works but I thought maybe I could post about my experiences over the next few weeks while getting off of suboxone and maybe if I have questions along the way I could get some answers. Also I’m hoping anyone that’s about to do this will read my posts and know what to expect. I read a bunch of posts from a guy on here from a few years ago and it gave me real hope so if anything hopefully someone else will read my posts and feel the same. So like I said this is my day one last dose of 4 mgs. Was yesterday. I weaned all the way down from 16mgs. Which I was started on three years ago. I know jumping off at 4 will make my symptoms worse then if I weaned down more but I just needed to be done and this was the only time I could get two weeks off of work. About 6 years ago I was in a suboxone program and got kicked out cause I relapsed and I was taking 16mgs and went down to nothing after getting kicked out. That was a horrible experience and of course things did not turn out so great. But because of that I kind of know what to expect as far as what the next two weeks will be like. I hope my input on here will be helpful and if I can help anyone else I will do my best to help. Thanks to anyone who reads this. Good luck to all of you guys Stay Strong!

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    Hey Time. I just wanted to say welcome and congratulations on what you've accomplished so far tapering to 4 mg. Subs are tough for sure, as you know. You've been down all this before so you know what you're in for with WDs.

    4 mg is a hefty dose to CT from... any way for you to taper a bit more? I tapered to .25 mg before I jumped off of subs. Today is my 18th day free from them and all opiates.

    Keep on going, it gets better! Sounds like you have a great attitude. Post and let us know how you are feeling.

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    Hey time

    Is there any possible way you can taper down?? Several of us are doing the taper process laid out in the sticky post at the top of this forum. It has helped thousands of others get off subs and still go on with their daily lives (work, events, traveling etc).

    Jumping off at 4mg would be HIGHLY advised against around here.

    With that said, will get a lot of great support and advice here. Drink a ton of water and get vitamins and supplements. I started at 3mg and am now on day 3 at .313mg. I have not ran into many real issues at all and have had no problems going about my daily life.

    FYI...A couple of us have found gabapentin to be a great help in eliminating most symptoms as well.

    I would highly recommend you read through the tapering plan at the top of this forum and consider following it if at all possible??

    Let us know your thoughts.

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    Beefaroni7272 is offline Advanced Member
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    Hey time. Welcome to the forum. I know Tim, and wav already talked about a 4 mg jump. And I'll second and third their posts. I know you jumped from 16 mg granted it was unintentionally so you know how rough sub w/d can be. I myself jumped from 1mg and I suffered for about a month and a half. I wish I'd found this amazing place before I did. Perhaps I would have tapered down a bit more, but what's done is done. Today I'm 5 months clean and feeling better every day.

    I'm not saying that you can't do a jump from 4mg it can be done. But youll be in for auite a ride. It seems that the higher you jump from the less success stories there are.

    Keeping a journal of sorts is a great idea with your thread. I did the same thing with mine for about the first 45-50 days. It dedinately helps to let it out. And believe me it will help others who may be too scared to post or are just looking for that extra push to get off this powerful drug.

    Have you seen the Thomas recipe for opiate withdrawal? I'm on my phone and can't drop a link for you but you can Google it. Everything there will help you on the way. I'd leave out the benzos unless you're already taking them under a Dr supervision.

    Get yourself some Imodium, you're gonna need it. Liquid form as directed. (Its a lifesaver). Drink tons of water. Stay hydrated and it'll help to flush the garbage out of your system. Keep a positive mental outlook, and stay as active as possible. You gotta move around and get those endorphins moving.

    Let us know what your plan is moving forward. We are all here to support you through this!!!
    Have a great day!!

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    Lvg nghtmare is offline Platinum Member
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    Hello Time, yes that's a big amount to jump from anything is possible. The lower you taper the easier the withdrawals will be. It won't be such a shock to your system. As you know how strong subs are please read Robert's sub taper plan many here have had great success. We are here to support you in whatever path you choose. Keep reading and posting...
    Again welcome to the forum....

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    David256 is offline Member
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    Welcome Time, glad to have you post. I’ve found a thread ‘journal’ Has really helped me, and helped me find others in the same boat.
    I’m like Tim and Wav who more recently started taper. I’m at day 4 of .66mg, and began just over a month ago at somewhere around 3mg/day. Retrospectively it really hasn’t been too awful, just takes some dedication because believe me I thought I could jump from a much higher dose until, with the help of those who posted before me, I’m now realizing just how powerful sub/bup is when I’m now down south of 1mg/day.
    Good luck and let us know how you’re doing!

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