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Day 2 of Roberts plan
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    Default Day 2 of Roberts plan

    Hi all. I had a lengthy post but somehow it didn't go through. On day 2 of Roberts plan. Long story short due to inoperable veteran fractures over the course of several years built a tolerance of a 25 mcg fentanyl patch every other day and 6 10.325 norcos. I induced at 1.5 mg of sub. It was the way to go- I know I couldn't have gone cold turkey.

    I'm pretty small and I think I have high metabolism. It took me only 17 hrs to hit withdrawal severe enough to start the subs. The worst symptoms were the rls, electric like pain, no sleep, and andominal bloating. Someone had suggested I try to cleanse with psyllium fiber and apparently it makes my conspiration worse. Sorry if tmi. But I also started taking lots of vitamins before I did my induction which I think helped. I know when I haven't drank enough water with the subs bc my kidneys remind me- as do the headaches. Doc prescribed clonodine. I felt it help with anxiety but not with sleep- Benadryl was better for that. Also was on a sleep aid when I was on pain meds so I may have that going against me as well.

    I have been going to meetings pretty regularly- there are things I like and things I don't like, but I don't really have a good support system because my husbands an alcoholic. He can be supportive in some ways like watching the kids at times but he also becomes belligerent and says hurtful things when he's drunk so that doesn't make staying clean easy. But I am doing this for me and for my kids.

    I'm already feeling >>>>>> and am not due for dosing until 9 so that's rough but at least it's not the hell I was going through on Thursday.

    I think I'm on a good dose for the next several days then will slowly start tapering down. Does my dose seem high? Doc had orig suggested a total of 4 mg 2x day.

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    More back story- old pm tried to switch me to butrans patch a couple of years ago without inducing. I know now I was going through precipitated w/d's. That was pretty rough- and sad too bc I realize now that the patch was contributing to my pain in the spot where my fractures were and where the patch was. I am so grateful to be on the road to getting clean.
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