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Day 5 off Suboxone - Please help
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    Default Day 5 off Suboxone - Please help

    I have been on sub for what would be five years next week, after a 4-yr. oxycontin, 480 mg. per day ultramarathon. I was a pain patient. Anyway, I have only been in withdrawal one time in my life, when I started taking sub. That was utter hell and I'll never forget it, which is probably good. However, this is no walk in the park either. I've taken Vicodin 4 times since Thursday, just to catch a break from this feeling of jumping out of myself and I don't know if I've set myself back or not, because the withdrawals keep on comin. How long does the acute part last, please? If I have some idea, I can pace myself and maybe get thru this. All your posts have helped even if I have yet to post myself, so thank you. I just want a break and to know it won't last FOREVER. I'm even contemplating drinking alcohol to relieve the rls symptons, they are so bad and I don't know what to do! I started the thomas recipe yesterday, minus the benzos, but that's not kicking in yet, as of this post.
    P.S. I tapered off the sub over the last almost five years slowly, until I jumped off at a little less than .5 mg. and my doc said I wouldn't feel withdrawals after this long taper!!!
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    at least you got down to .5mg before jumping.... be careful taking the pills. you dont want to crank up another addiction... it will start improving in the next few days... when i jumped off at around .25mg, i ended up gettin some sleeping pills to help. it was mainly the night time i had a hard time with rls and not sleeping... keep it up and keep going... it is by no means as intense as normal 'withdrawl', but i do know how it feels.
    it is gonna get better tho, and you are going to be free....
    and thats awesome.... keep it up

    oh and ps. most doctors have NO IDEA what its like to come off sub. or anything for that matter. no idea....

    its all academic to them...

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