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    Default Hardnightslongdays

    What a New year 2017.... Jumped off at 2mg a day after several years on Subs Day 5-6 depending how long my last sub lasted. I just wanted to say thanks to all sharing experience's. Helps tremendously knowing this will not last forever. I felt a little better today but the violent restless legs & lack of sleep very hard to cope with. Day one & two were not that bad. Day 3 & 4 pure hell... Controlling your thoughts hard enough much less forcing your self to get out of bed & try to make it thru the day. Not sure why I am writing this, but sure others feel the same WDs & need someone to talk to. Hard to explain to others what this is like, I know one thing after racing MX for years this pain very different than a broken bone... everything feels broken. Wish I would have read some of this before making the jump. Question my sinus feel like my head is going to explode & sneezing & coughing terrible. Any suggestions?
    This is a very lonely journey... look forward to feeling better.

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    I wasn't doing subs but had a 16 yr love? hate affair with oxy....and one of worse withdrawl symptom I had was the dry tickle cough and nasal thing...mine lasted over 2 months...nothing I tried helped...maybe chamomile tea, but that was at 3 months clean now and still not 100 percent...but every bodys withdrawls are different....good luck dear....
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    Hi Hardnights!
    Congrats on the jump! A bit of a high dose to jump off but it has been done! The sneezes lasted a couple of weeks for me. The body is eliminating the chems. Get melatonin to improve sleep. I also drank Sleepytime tea or any tea w Valerian root. You might want to get some Imodium too. At this point, the body begins returning to the land of the living--ridding itself of the sub. Help it along by drinking ridiculous amounts of water. It flushes the drugs.
    I take a B complex vitamin daily plus a good probiotic from the health food store to aid intestinal balance. Eat light and drink that water! I used Boost when I couldn't eat.
    Time and patience are key to success now. Whatever ur going through, this too will pass. I promise.
    Proud of you! You will never regret this good choice! This year, you saved ur own life...
    Post whenever u can, hang in there, it gets better!
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