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Help! Im on suboxone and not sure which withdrawals im having
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    Default Help! Im on suboxone and not sure which withdrawals im having

    To make things shorter- ill start at- 20yrs of medically supervised opiates and finally getting surgery, the time came to drop opiates- i didnt have an “addiction” however due to experiencing opiate induced anxiety for 2+yrs, and hot flashes due to axiety, i started to take sunoxone to take edge off- that was end of april and since then the largest amt i am currently on is 1/8 strip once daily, but only since beg june- so im not sure if its feasable to think that im still having orig withdrawals or if i have to now actually go thru sub withdrawals and if so how long and intense will they b and what otc thing can i use to help? I really dont want to have to go bak to pain doc if i dont have to....thought i was done with that finally!! Im just concerned considering the amiunt of time i was originally on opiates....
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    Hey Cherokee. Welcome!! Can you give us a little more info on your sub usage? What strength strips do you have? I know you said you took them starting in April. But then in June you were taking 1/8 of a strip a day?? I'm just trying to get a sense of your usage and timeframe. I know it sounds crazy but even 1mg of subs is a pretty hefty dose and it goes a long way. Give us some more detailed info on everything and I'll check back in later.

    Have a great day!
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    Hey Cherokee
    Twenty years on opiates will give u a withdrawal or two. If you only took subs since June, but were on opiates for 20 years, one would think ur still detoxing the opiates. When u say 1/8 of a strip, is that an 8 mg strip or a 2 mg strip? As Beef says, got mo info? You came to the right place, Cherokee. Post frequently and often to get more responses. Hang in there.
    Have u stopped the subs entirely; and if so, when?

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