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Help please
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    Hi there
    I am glad he is doing better..
    What is he doing during the day?

    Suboxone is a different drug than methadone..
    I know methadone and pills too they would give me energy..
    Sub just works differently..
    He might be associating tired with motivation..
    Sub is not gonna give you motivation...
    He really should be feeling proud and empowered by inducing from methadone to sub...
    Many people attempt to do this and never ever succeed..
    Maybe you could share that with him and the fact that he is on the right road..
    A very narrow road that millions never walk...
    If he can do this he can do anything..
    I switched from the same so I know how hard it can be..

    Is drinking water and eating good ..
    Little meals with lots of protein..

    He has put his body through a lot..
    He really has to do the work at feeling better and enthused about life..
    It just doesn't come to you cuz you are "clean"..
    We know that is a big deal getting clean!

    But in the real world that is what is expected..
    Give him a pat on the back and move on..

    It has to be life changing not to have to sit around and obsess on the next fix...

    I hope you are feeling better from your cold..
    I will talk to you later
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    hey so glad hes doing better. Does he work at all?? is he exercising? drinking plenty of water/Gatorade? ....If hes sitting around feeling sorry for himself than hes gonna be tired.....he has to understand that this is his best shot at being sober. The subs work wonders when taken right.... trust me....they saved my just have to give them a chance.

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