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Hi Everyone...!!
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    Default Hi Everyone...!!

    Well, I've posted on here often and am SO thankful for the support here!! I've begun a whole NEW phase and just thought I'd check in.

    After seeing TWO sub docs and simply going DOWNHILL mentally and emotionally, I decided to phase MYSELF off subs. The doc said, "yeah, whatever. Do whatever you want, as slow as you want. Just don't have a bad day and go back up" Okay...THAT WAS ALL HE SAID!

    At the prompting of my therapist...who's an AWESOME woman who pulls NO punches, tells me the truth, calls me on my lies, etc....I went to see a PRACTICING psychiatrist who is ALSO certified to dispense subs. My MAIN issue with both my prior doctors is that they spend a whole SEVEN minutes with me a month, know NOTHING about me and don't seen to give a DAMN about me. She assured me that this doctor was NOT merely prescribing meds but spent TIME with patients...

    I'm still in the intake process but this is SO very different. He's taking a patient, careful approach and actually looking at my HISTORY. I'm not ONLY a former addict. I'm not ONLY post-menopausal. I'm not ONLY depressed if not downright bipolar. He is going to take the TIME to find what works BEST for me. But the FIRST thing he said is that when I do decide to taper off subs, a VERY gradual, carefully monitored method is CLEARLY the best way. For me. I did it as recommended in a lot of the GREAT posts...but BOY was that not right for me!! I was more depressed than I care to think about now...but it was pretty scary.

    For me...the KEY is finding a doctor who LISTENS and CARES. This is a REAL doctor. I think there are a LOT of people who paid HUGE money for medical school and are now making HUGE money in mere MOMENTS, writing scripts for suboxone. My therapist gets $100 an HOUR from my insurance for my therapy. If the sub doc is billing the same...and sees four to five patients an HOUR?? That's some FAT payday!

    Anyway...STILL on the subs. STILL dealing with the side effects others have written about...but I feel like there's light at the end of this tunnel...FINALLY!!!
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    I agree. I see my Psychiatrist once a month who prescribes my SUBs, i pay $125 a visit and he talks to me for about 5 mins. Total BS!!!!!!!!!!!! When I mentioned tapering, he got mad and angry and said, "DO WHAT YOU WANT, GO AHEAD FALL FLAT ON YOUR FACE AND GO BACK TO SUBS." So on that account, I didnt tell him i was already tapering, screw him. That will be the last time I see him, even though when I am finished all of this I would love to go visit him and tell him "you know what" But Im not wasting $125 to do that
    We CAN and WILL do this!!!!! Have faith and stay strong

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