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I am so tired of being an idiot
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    Default I am so tired of being an idiot

    I never thought I would come back here. I lost so much came back and about to lose again. will I ever learn. I too tired
    to go into the whys and what. Back on subs for two days and just trying to hide from responsibilities till I feel a little
    better. Almost to the point where I can't afford to get any. I don't know how much ive blown. three hundred thousand
    maybe five hundred. Barely have enough to keep business going. I've got to make it stick this time. I'm too old for this
    >>>>. Unbelieveable. It is true 1000 is not enough and 1 is too many.

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    Sorry to hear you relapsed. My goodness, that's a lot of money!

    What mg of sub are you taking? Do you plan to follow Robert's taper plan?


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    It's horrible. though the amount people spend differs, it seems that it's always "all of it".

    try to get a couple subs and start at as low of a dose as possible and get ur head straight.
    it seems like u are in a really bad place right now so reach out to anyone who can help you
    with some support asap.

    good luck.

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