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Jumped from 3 mg
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    Have you been following the taper plan? You don't want to drop from .5 mg to .25 mg since that's a 50% drop and will likely result in some unnecessary WD symptoms. The taper plan recommends dropping by only 25% at a time, which means you should drop to .375 mg, then to .25 mg.

    Hope this helps.

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    mammaj Guest


    Others here have much more knowledge than I on the taper plan but I made my jump off at .25 with no w/d effects. You have also been taking it longer than myself too. So everyone is different. The small pieces do seem like nothing but it's effective. Hope your holding up well! J

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    I'm new here and am seeking advice and support as well... I'm am in reely no position to give advice so much as maybe relate my experience.... i would like to say that i do gain a lot of information and encouragment reading thru your thread and others threads... they help me just as much as my own thread i started....
    one thing i wanted to say is i am a long term sub addict too... over four years and worse opiates before that for years...... so i look at it like a loan.... all those years of taking pills to feel good we gotta pay that back at least a little.... the taper is like a payment plan.... it eases the burden and is a way out... not necassarilly easy and pain free but its a proven plan... its better then paying it back all at once.... another thing i realize is that personally.. being on the subs so long... that when i make drops.. sometimes i have to stay at that dose a little longer then the suggested 4 days...personally i am dropping between 20 To 3- percent every sunday.... so i stay on that new dose at least a week.... if i feel ok i go ahead and drop some more... if notill stay at that dose another week... that's just my experience and taking it slow and steady and consistent has been successful for me as I'm down to half a mg .5. i still struggle with drug seeking behavour and what not as i am definatelt an addict.... just i think long term users its ok to take it slow and get to a low dose before jumping......that stuff is probably saturated in our bodys after using for so long so we need to allow time to metabolize the remnants.. for me like i said it takes a week or two each drop.... someone correct me if I'm wrong...neways good luck to ya... just i can relate and take it easy..peace jay

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