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Just been switched from suboxen to subutex & not really liking it as much?
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    Default Just been switched from suboxen to subutex & not really liking it as much?

    I'm new to this so any advice will be helpful. I was addicted to pain pills for 7 yrs then started using >>>>>> for 2 years. Been clean for 18 months thanks to suboxone & a great doctor. Yesterday my doc switched me to subutex. First question is what is the difference? & why am I craving the suboxone still? I don't feel like the subutex works like the suboxone did. Will this get better or is it all in my head? Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks😊

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    The difference between subutex and suboxone is the naloxone, which stops cravings. Suboxone is as addictive as any other opiate. And yes, you can become addicted to suboxone which has a half life of around 72 hours. You have been on the subs for a long time. The questions are:

    How much suboxone are you on?
    Do you want off of all opiates, I mean the subs?

    Here is Robert's taper plan for subs:

    Please think about getting off the subs. Wishing you the best!


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