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Need Help Robert!
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    Default Need Help Robert!

    Hey all,

    Ive been addicted to 30mg roxys for about 2 years now. At first it started with a friend just having fun, not really doing much just here and there. Of course it never stays like that and it eventually got to doing them everyday. For about a year and a half i was doing about 1 pill a day. My tolerance starting going up and i started seeing my doing 1.5/2 pills a day. And about 2 and a half months ago my dosage went up like CRAZY. Idk what got into me but i started doing a lot more then ive ever done before. Within the course of a month I saw my dosage rise up to between 8-10 pills a day. Its currently 1:45 AM in Jersey where I live and I have 3 pills left.

    In the past 2 years Ive kicked the addiction a couple times for a couple months. The most at one point was 3 months and then I relapsed. I cant take it anymore, I want so bad to get off these stupid pills but even the thought of stopping makes me anxious and a little afraid. Ive gone through withdrawals in the past and before i wasnt really afraid of them after the first time cause i knew what it was like and i could handle it pretty well. But now with the amount of pills i am doing now Im afraid the WD's are gonna be so much worse and im afraid to go through them. As of right now i have 9.25 8mg suboxone pills that im going to use to get off the roxys but i need help to do this right.

    Ive been reading on this forum and notice everyone talking about Robert and how hes helped so many people out and how great he is. Robert and everyone else on here, please help me. I want nothing more in the world them to get off these stupid pills and be clean and free. Im ready to finally kick this addiction for good and never come back. I've already stopped being friends with anyone who does roxys because i know that if i was around them i would still do them. Now i just need friends that will support me and help me get better. So Robert if you could please help me and lead me in the right direction to getting better i would be so grateful and appreciate it so much. I just joined this forum tonight and i tried sending you a PM but it said it is disabled for me, so if you could send me one that would be great. Hope to here for you soon and anyone else who has advice for me it would be great to hear from you!

    Wish me lucky everyone! I know I can do this!

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    zerox .... Welcome to the forum. There are several posts on your other thread of the same in the "Need to Talk" section. Check it there and I would suggest that you keep all responses on the one thread as it can get confusing to others if you have multiple threads going at the same time. I realize you didn't know and that 's perfectly ok. I'm just glad that you made the effort to want to get clean! Best wishes to you! ....Denny

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