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Need Suboxone Help, Asap
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    Exclamation Need Suboxone Help, Asap

    I'm looking for some advice & I'm hoping someone on this forum can point me in the right direction...

    On Thursday 1/5/17 I decided that my addiction to Percocets (10/325) needed to come to an end. I was taking anywhere from 15-20 pills a day. Finally, Someone introduced me to Suboxone because they were going through opiate withdrawals & that's what an impatient detox recommended. I was able to obtain some 8mg strips of Suboxone (unfortunately without prescription).

    I started my induction on Saturday 1/7/17 in the morning. I started with 2mg & it didn't seem to cut it for me. I waited an hour and took another 2mg. I was finally stable with 4mg & felt relieved. That night I took another 4mg & tried to sleep as much as my mind would let me.

    On Sunday 1/8/17 I took 2mg in the morning and then another 2mg in the evening. By around 8pm I was having the worst cold sweats, my body was sore & my head was pounding. It felt like I had come down with the flu. It wasn't that unbearable because I was able to go without another dose of Sub until the next day.

    On Monday 1/9/17 I started with 2mg in the morning. I took 1mg in the afternoon & then another 1mg at night. I repeated the same dose again on Tuesday & again today.

    My question is, what is the BEST way to taper off the subs as quickly as possible without feeling excruciating withdrawals? I'm so sorry for the long rant but I wanted to be as detailed as possible. I'm so determined to get my life back after wreaking so much havoc over the past year & change.
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    Hey there. I'm doing the same thing as you pretty much.

    Here is the taper plan I'm using. Good luck!

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    Hey Whatslove
    At the top of the sub forum page, the first post--it's the taper plan. Give it a read. If still w questions, post it. There are many answers in that taper plan....good job getting off the oxys. Drink water.

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    Day 16 No subs jumped at 1.5 mg... Been on Subs for 3years.. Ouch this really has been the worst 2 weeks of my life but I am starting to feel much better. Mentally battle life without meds not sure how to cope.... but dam sure I do mot want to go back on. Sorry for rambling on. FYI acupuncture took away my back pain. So just dealing with WDS.

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    Hardnights, thats a pretty decent jump from subs. I'm on them now & plan to taper much lower than that. I'm a wuss when it comes to WDs.

    That's awesome, 16 days is great.

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