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Off Suboxone 2 Years 4 months
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    Default Off Suboxone 2 Years 4 months

    I spent a fair amount of time on these forums back in April 2015, thought it might be nice to drop back in and say I made it off.

    I didn't keep a journal of exactly what taper or dose but basically just cut the orange strips down till I was at 1/8th, and took the plunge on a two week break between jobs. I felt pretty bad for about a week and was able to function pretty well after that. Started the new job 2 weeks later with nobody the wiser, and had a brutal commute the first six months until I could move.

    The one long term side effect that stuck with me was IBS/GI problems. Part of that is possibly in my genes as my brothers who never took a drug suffer from it. After I moved I started to exercise and improved my diet and that helped a lot. But I remember a few weeks off suboxone struggling to walk up a one mile hiking trail, and pinching my cheeks the whole way down because of my stomach. I wouldn't even breath hard on that trail these days.

    Unfortunately I was also on benzos for health related panic attacks, didn't want to deal with both at once but after two years I started my benzo taper.

    So things aren't perfect for me with the benzo taper and all but a heck of a lot better than before I got off the subs, and I had manageable acute w/d but no long term stuff other than the stomach issues.
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    Hey Smiley!

    Congratulations to you on a job well done! That's awesome you have 2+ years clean!!! High five my friend! And Thanks for popping in and letting us know, we need all the positive stories we can get!

    As for those benzo's....they can be a bear to detox from. I know, I've traveled that road myself. You probably already know, but it's in your best interest to taper the benzo's very slow and steady. They are one drug that can cause very serious issues, even death if proper care isn't taken coming off them. If you're into research check out the Ashton Manual (google) for all the info you'll ever need concerning benzo's and how to safely taper them. Dr. Heather Ashton is the leading authority in this category and has been for quite some time.

    Take care and again congrats!

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    Thanks Randy, I recall you being one of the most active and helpful people. I've been spending a little time on the BB forums in regards to my benzo taper. Not quite getting down to Ashton level dosage reduction, so far so good with direct taper and ordered the gear to do a liquid taper for the last .5 mg of K.

    Also, if it's helpful to anyone I was on them about 6 years so not a short term user and was still able to kick, with acute symptoms but no long term damage. At least side effects, not claiming I'm all there
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