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Preparing to Get Off of Suboxone
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    Default Preparing to Get Off of Suboxone

    Hi All,

    I haven't posted here ever, but have read the forums many-a-time. I have found a few people who's situations are similar to mine, but as everyone is unique I thought I would post what I am going through and ask for any advice anyone has.

    I have been on Suboxone for about 4 years. After what I've read I know that is way too long considering I was only a pill addict for about 1 to 2 years. However, it has taken me those 4 years to get mentally prepared to get off of Suboxone. I did at one point quit pills cold turkey, went through withdrawals, and got through all of the Hell, but then foolishly relapsed after a month due to the PAWS. Had I known at the time that I just needed another month, I would have toughed it out, but I was scared I wasn't going to get back to normal.

    I have a great Suboxone doctor who is very supportive of me getting off, which will be nice considering he can write me prescriptions for Hell week to help with anxiety, RLS, etc. I am a person who likes to sleep so the insomnia is what really gets me. In my time taking Suboxone I was never on more than 8mg per day. About 3 months ago I went from one 8 mg tablet per day to two 2mg tablets per day (for a total of 4mg per day). About 3 days ago I cut down to only one 2mg tablet per day, half in the morning and half in the evening. Fortunately, so far I have not experienced any sort of withdrawal symptoms when reducing my dosage. I go see my doctor next week and was going to see if they made 1 mg tablets so that I could eventually cut down to .5 or .25 mg per day. From what I have read, the tapering process is much more successful and the withdrawals less severe the lower I can go. I take the tablets because my insurance will cover them but won't cover the film. I say that because if they don't make the tablets in less than 2mg pills, I am not sure if I could successfully cut the pills any lower than in quarters, which would be .5 mg's. They are tiny.

    My doctor had mentioned that there is a Suboxone patch that he wants to put me on the last 10 days or so before I get off. It is 1 mg and is time released but I am not sure if it would be better to ween down even further than 1 mg with the pills. I think the patch is good in the sense that it can get you used to not taking a pill every day, but I am not sure if 1 mg is too high to get off of.

    Fortunately I have a good job where I can take 2 weeks off. My life is in a great place compared to what it was the first time I got off, and I really don't have any outside stresses. I am ready. I am doing this because I am tired of being slave to a pill for my well-being. I also just feel dull a lot. My senses feel dull, I get tired really easy, my sex drive seems lower, and frankly no one know the long term effects of being on Suboxone. So my question is: In my situation, what do you all think would be the most effective method to taper and when should I plan my hell week?

    Also, what should I use during Hell week? My doctor already said he would prescribe me Valium or Xanax. Which one is better? Xanax always knocked me out so I assumed that would be the best. I know that I only need to use the benzo's during Hell week. I saw some stuff called Withdrawal-Ease. Has anyone tried that? My main concern is dealing with the insomnia, RLS, and depression. I have read all sorts of things like "Take alot of immodium", etc. I will definitely be medicating with cannabis as well. I am hoping some concentrated oil or wax will help with the sleep issues and depression and could be used in lieu of too many benzo's.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Look up the Robert taper plan its very good to keep withdrawals at a mininmun, then look up Thomas detox get that, i am going to tell you sleeps going be a fleeing commodity for a while,but don't let it stop you get off now the longer on the longer the recovery, its tough but can be done. I was on 2 1-2 years about 8mgs avg 6mgs last year and i jumped off there [ don'''t do what i did taper down like Roberts plan says it will be much easier for you i wish i would have now ] as far as the first week you can take some meds from your Dr. to help but end it there you'll just be getting addicted to something else. Imodium for the runs i only took twice keep at a min because this is a weak opiate. If you truly want to be clean dont do any other drugs I promise there are better days ahead , not a walk in the park but very doable, GET some one to support you you''ll need encouragement sometimes and you can always call on the people here for support it helped me to keep going at times, HOT SOAKS HELP DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THEM,they carried me sometimes I will pray for you and I hope you will ask GOD to help i know he carried me through on us any time lots of good people here know what your going thru that want to help!! Also be very patient everybody recovers at different rates YOU WILL GET BETTER ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT!!!

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    I did look at Robert's taper plan but it didn't necessarily seem applicable to someone who has been on suboxone for along time. It seemed like it was more for someone going from pills to suboxone to nothing in a few days/weeks. Unless I am mising something. Thank you so much Zebra!

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    No many people have used it that had been on sub
    For years..

    The 25% drops are suggested because that is what the body can handle
    So u can continue to function..

    The most important part is to drop only after you are stable .
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    Just as Bette said, Robert's Sub Taper Plan is a successful one and in my time as a member of this Forum have seen people use it to get off subs in the most comfortable manner. It doesn't matter how long you've been taking them or at what dose. The process is still the same and it works if you follow it.

    One question you asked is how low to go before jumping. As per the plan, you shouldn't attempt to jump before you are on .25 (1/4) mg per day or less. More and more folks are reducing to .18 and then to .125 before they jump or begin to skip days. There are ways to cut your tablets into low doses and even after they can't be cut smaller, they can be crushed and divided that way. We'll help you when the time comes.

    You can ignore the induction process and so long as you're stable, begin to reduce by 25%. If you're taking 4mg per day, you can reduce now to 3mg. Stay there until you're stable (little to no symptoms) usually for around 4 days and then reduce by another 25%. It's OK to stay at any given dose for a day or two longer if you feel you need to. THE most important thing is to be completely stable before reducing. The two essential steps are to reduce by no more than 25% and don't reduce before you're stable. Follow those rules and you'll do fine.

    Keep posting. Ask questions if you have any. There are people here who will help you.



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