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From Roxies to Subs - Help with Taper
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    Default From Roxies to Subs - Help with Taper

    Hey everyone,

    I'm 28 years old. I don't drink, smoke, or do any other drugs. I'm in good health and good shape. But painkillers are my one and only DOC.

    I used to take Vicodin every now and then - I remember the times I'd take 5mg and get that itchy feeling all over for hours. Then I moved on to taking 5mg percs every so often. I was always responsible with these irresponsible things.

    Then I was introduced to "blues" aka roxicodone aka oxycodone hcl 30mg. I started taking 1/4 of the pill in place of vics/percs every now and then. Fast forward a year later and I'm taking 45-90mg/day every day.

    My body "needs" at least 45mg of oxycodone each day. Any less is uncomfortable. I've been able to continue living my life, make 200k/yr, and keep it a secret from everyone around me. But once I got up to 4 pills a day I said enough is enough. Happy? I'd take a pill to celebrate. Sad? I'd take a pill to pick me up. Can't sleep? I'd take a pill to help me relax and sleep. Tired and groggy? I'd take a pill to wake up me and give me energy. Big day of work? I'd take a pill to get me in "game mode". Easy day of work? I'd take a pill to celebrate. That's when you know it's a problem and it's only quicksand from there.

    I've taking days off here and there. For me, I get very bad sweats and chills, but besides that everything else is manageable. The PAWS is bad though. I can't focus, I'm lazy, I'm depressed, and I have no motivation. I know this is normal, but I can't afford to deal with it - my job is too demanding and too important.

    So I went to the doctor and made the switch to suboxone. I did the following:
    Day 1: 2mg
    Day 2: 1.5mg
    Day 3: 1mg
    Day 4: 1mg
    Day 5: .80mg
    Day 6: .60mg
    Day 7 (today): .40mg

    It's good because mentally I feel "sober" for the first time in a while and I'm prepared to be mentally sober for good.

    My question is - I don't want to be on suboxone for maintenance and then deal with even longer withdrawl than oxycodone.

    For the experts - how should I finish my taper? What can I expect? I'm working out and taking vitamins and such. I have clonidine and xanax.

    Thanks and God bless,

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    you dropped your dose kinda fast. recommended to do 4 days on a dose, then drop by 25%.... just be aware you have dropped fast.

    i would stay put on that dose for a couple of days. then probably skip days at the end.
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    I know that's the recommended taper, and I agree with it. But I was just listening to my body and giving myself the minimum it needed. I'm very comfortable taking 0.50mg/day - no WD symptoms at all. Because I've been off the oxys 9 days now and been on subs 8 days at a very low dose I'm really looking to find that perfect balance where the oxys are out of my system and I'm not yet addicted and dependent on suboxone.

    Robert - what do you think? How should I conclude my taper? I'm thinking of working my way to 0.25mg/day then taking a day off then 2 days off then 3 days off like I've seen you recommend.

    I work in the medical field. I really plan on helping people once I get over this since I unfortunately have some "hands-on" experience. A lot of MDs really don't use suboxone correctly.

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    First of all, I hope your drops are going well. I'm not sure how anyone will advise you to taper the rest. Second, Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome is rare, though most people believe that, because of the extreme flu-like discomfort of w/d from opiates that's that what they have. If you are going to work with people in this field, I recommend you read some sub threads here and Robert's taper plan (which I think you've done anyway). People are different and different drugs are harder to detox from than others.

    Second, I applaud your idea of helping people. Many MD's are not trained in the use of subs. However, please be aware that although your taper progressed way fast, this is not a good scenario for everyone, read some of the threads on sub tapers. I know I'm repeating myself, but I think that's important for someone who wants to help people with subs.

    Just my thoughts. Let me know how you're getting on with your taper.



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    it's going well. i'm comfortable at 0.25mg. no WD. going to go 1 on and 1 off, then 1 on and 2 off, then 1 on and 3 off and be done. i think the most important thing is how much you start with. i've seen people taking 100mgs of oxycodone and then going to 16-24mg of suboxone. to be honest - i'd rather see the patient stay on 100mg of oxycodone instead of that much suboxone.
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    I wish u all the luck and have a good support around u..i have a pill issue myself

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