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Severe withdrawls... Advice please asap!!
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    Exclamation Severe withdrawls... Advice please asap!!

    my boyfriend is having serious withdrawls from suboxone. he has been taking them for about 3 years and was down to about 6mg a day. he was buying them on the streets and has been out since tuesday. we have him set to start a program on monday night, but i don't know if he can make it that long!! we asked the intake councelor today what to do until then about the withdrawls and she just said don't stop taking them, but wouldn't perscribe them or tell us how to get them until monday night. she almost hinted that he should just go back to his dealer until then!?!?! WTF she gave us the number to a detox place but they said that they can't help him and that we should call the hospital. the hospital said there was no way they would give him suboxone but we could still come in if we wanted. i just am lost and have no idea how to help him. right now he is curled up in a ball sweating and shaking in bed trying to just keep it together. i can't let him go back to his dealer i feel that will set a bad precedent for his recovery. i honestly can't beleive this is how this works. we go in to get help for a suboxone addiction and their solution is more suboxone but not just yet?!? they said when he does get on them that they will keep him on them for several months!! THIS IS WHAT HE IS TRYING TO GET OFF!! what is wrong with these doctors, no one is listening!!
    anyone know anyway to help the withdrawls, and suggestions what should i do?

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    Hey Rubindawg,
    There's a guy named Robert_325 who should be able to help your partner. Do your best to be supportive okay? They are going through a lot right now, and yes Doctor's are pretty useless. 6 MG is a HIGH, HIGH dose. And many places will suggest going and "doing what you need to do" until you can be treated. Probably the best thing for your partner will be to have Robert stabilize him/her on a lower dose after they score a 26 on the COWS sheet. Clinical Opiod Withdrawal Scale. So it might be best for him to ride this out for a few days until he/she does. Then Robert might induct them back onto a smaller dose of Sub then to a taper. I know it sounds crazy but Sub treatment done correctly IS probably the best treatment here. How else is he going to do it? Either they are going to use Methadone, which is hell, street drugs OR kick C/T. Google the Thomas Recipe. See if you can get your partner in the bathtub. Hang tight. Robert should be along soon.

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    Wow, the suboxone, when takin for a long time, seems to be hell to wd from. I don't think most people or doctors for that matter realize this or they wouldn't keep people on the drug for such a long period at a high dose. The idea is to get clean not replace one addiction for another. If I was you I would have gotten him what he needed until the program but this was posted on june 15 I just realized so the problem must be resolved, wish I knew the outcome but I pray it was a good one. A good friend of mine just got off of a 20 year methadone habit by using suboxone for 6 weeks and then stopping. It has been 4 months and he is still clean. He never went above 8mgs in a day and tapered down very low although I don't know exactly how low. This is a long time methadone user, someone who in the past would be considered a "lifer". So, if used correctly the suboxone can be a miricale. Problem is 90% of the suboxone doctors don't know how to get someone off methadone, on to suboxone and off suboxone before the patient becomes a suboxone addict. Either that or they want to keep the cash coming in, but I hate to believe that so many doctors are unscrupulous. The drug Co.'s on the other hand I can see them feeding doctors bad info to increase their profits. But I'm just guessing???

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