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Short term Suboxone! Robert_325 Your Wisdom Would be Appreciated!
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    Cool Short term Suboxone! Robert_325 Your Wisdom Would be Appreciated!

    Hey I am directing this to Robert as I have read and seen countless posts, and after searching various sites have come to the conclusion you are the guy I need to be in contact with! I will start off by saying I have read your posts as to what all you do in the community etc. ( basically your schedule lol) and realize you cant be here 24/7 so if you do get a chance to give me some advice it would be greatly appreciated.

    So here we go, I am 20, 6'1 165-170 now was 190, was very healthy until I started abusing oxys for around a year or so, I realized I was addicted when I no longer had the will to taper as I would monthly, I was only taking what I was prescribed as in not buying from other sources, I would get my scrip take 5-6 then sometimes 7-10 perc 10s a day then taper down until my next appt. I have always been lucky in the fact ive had valium or klonopin prescribed.

    So my last perc was 19days ago and also when I started suboxone, my doc prescribed 12mg first day then 8mg a day for 4 days. LUCKILY I had done my research and inducted myself at 4mg! which btw made me terribly sick, 2mg first was fine then my DA thought 2mg more would make me feel great, wrong! so the following day I took 1mg morning 1mg evening, since then I have gone down to .5 a day once daily which is where I am at now butt the thing is ive kind of messed around as in ive skipped a day, today I waited until 5pm to dose, dropped to .25 not realizing! done .25 2x daily (basically not being consistent) as I have the strips and thought surely this has to be .5 lol! I guess I have just been pushing myself to see. I don't really feel bad, I could feel better deffinately, I find rls creeping in after around 6hours of sleep which I am thankful to say I even get that much as I know there are others that dont, also tiny stomach discomfort, LETHARGIC! gah depression until dosing. But I am trying not to get stuck on sub, after my first appt I never went back. I have 32 days worth at .5mg daily so I am good.

    So I guess a few questions I have to ask would be;

    How long do you need sub to get past your doc withdrawal? and not go into w/d from both the sub and doc.

    How long typically does it take to get addicted/dependent on sub?

    What would your advice be as to tapering, time/dose?, I have the strips and they are hard to cut past .125, I have cut 7 .125 already though along with 7, .5mg.

    I am hoping I put my self in a good position concerning my dose, like I said I do not expect a reply I know you are busy and have a sober life to attend to! If you do get a chance, I would be forever thankful!

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    Hi Oxy,

    Welcome to the forum! Robert is and has began taking some time off the forum. He is still here on occasion, but not nearly as much as before. Perhaps he will see your request and get back with you. I'm not really sure of that.

    But anyway I wanted to give you the link to his ENTIRE process below and have you read every part of it. This explains the entire sub plan in easy to read detail. Then if you have more questions you can post again and someone will get back with you. May even be me if that's ok with you?

    So read the plan and pay careful attention to the TAPER section. It is well-written and you will see for yourself. Thanks for your understanding and hope to hear from you again real soon. Very nice to meet you and have a great evening!

    Big Hugs,

    Sub Induction and Taper Plan <-----click!

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