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Sub Withdrawl - Diary of a 7 Year User - Thor
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    Default Sub Withdrawl - Diary of a 7 Year User - Thor

    Hi all,

    Been on Subutex for 7 yrs.
    Hi Dose: 8mg
    Low Dose: 0
    Avg: .5 - .75

    Previous Withdrawals: 2 x Clean in 7 Years
    Length of Clean Periods: 21 Days in 2011, 21 Days in 2010

    Last October 2011, I followed Roberts Taper plan on here. Jumped from approx .30 of Subutex.

    Day 1 - 10: Walked, but it was very cold. Was all alone. Not fun but did it.
    Day 10-21: Could not move. Payalyzed in terror. Icey glass cold chills. Fear. Heavy leady suit.

    Gave up at Day 21. This was 6 months ago.

    It was rainy and and cold.

    Never would I make the mistake of stopping sub
    1) Alone (need people round ya)
    2) During Fall or Winter (only top sub in Summer, so you can soak in sun and warm that icey, shivery, shakey body)

    So I got fired up last Friday.

    On Saturday went from .75 to .5
    Sunday down to .25
    Monday down to .12

    Tuesday JUMPED. Sick yesterday. Sweats, chills, diarrhea. depressed.

    Wednesday, today. fighting thru it.

    Sun helps a load. Dog walk this morning. Sub has caused 2 kidney stones and I am done!

    7 years of hell, all due to me having a seizure frim Tramadol.

    Never took any opiates as a habit. My intro to opiates was from a Kid Stone that I had for 6 months in 2003.

    Loss my brother.

    Eventually ended up on Darvon compound 65, at 1-2 pills per day, until it became banned by FDA (Darvon).

    Took Tramadol and had seizure.

    Jerky Doctor put me on Subutex as a cure for WD from Tramadol and he said it was a mild SSRI.

    After 10 days I asked if I could taper -- he said no. It is used for Depression in Germany.

    What a crock of manure.

    I am not making this impossible this time.

    Today is Day 2 and I wanna inspire all who have been on Suboxone or Subutex.

    I have been on Subutex so long that I was worried because they no longer make it in the BRAND form.

    That plus too many urinary issues. This whacks out your urinary system, and makes you hold in your urine. I got 2 kidney stones even at .75 mg of subutex.

    Also constipation. Magnesium every other day -- Magnesium Chelated + Magnesium Oxide (1,500mg).

    For years I would only go once per 4 days because of sub.

    Not taking any meds.

    SAMe for dopamine and seratonin, at 400mg per day to clean up Liver and get neurotransmitters firing from all cylinders.

    i wanna share this, because I have YET to meet anyone who has gotten of sub after 6-7 yrs.
    (except Liberator who took Ibogaine, which I do not feel is right for me).



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    Thor, just know this has been read. I don't know anything about subs but thanks for telling your story.

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