I read these posts of guys jumping off from 2mg or 1mg to Zero, and after 2 days, they write how good they feel with minimum W/D's.... Well, because of the HUGELY long half life of Subs, the real W/D's don't kick in until about 4 days after going to zero. And that is where Hell is hiding. Waiting for you with open arms.

I have read that red veined Maeng Da Kratom will help in the W/D agony. I am not a doctor and I am not giving any advice. But I have been there and done that a few times.
I remember in 1985 after taking 2ea 10mg Valium and 2ea 7.5 ES Vicodin, and 2ea. 5mg Percodan after a hernia surgery for 3 months. ( i had a doctor who gave me anything I asked for) nice guy.

Anyway, when he retired and I had just finished about 700 valiums and 700 vicodins and 700 percodans, I went cold turkey.

Back then, there were no subs. No detox centers. Nothing that I knew of anyway. Maybe there were. I didn't know. I just manned up and took the hell. That was my punishment for taking tons of pills for 6 months AFTER I recovered from the painful hernia surgery.

I can remember dragging myself across the floor of my apartment by my elbows, while sh*t was flowing out of my as* at will.
I can remember friends helping me with food and cleaning myself up. I can remember being in the bathtub for full days with sh*t blowing out of me. I can remember lying awake for 6 full nights. I remember hallucinating so bad, I saw the devil come to me thru the walls. I can remember the agonizing hell that I went thru from abusing hundreds and hundreds of pills...

Weaning off anything is the only way to go. But I found it impossible to wean off pills, so I went thru 21 days of pure hell.

Today, there are so many things to help ease the pain....

If I ever found myself in this situation again, I would wean off subs .5mg every 5 days, and use Kratom with the jump off.

I'm grateful that I am alive to tell my story. I still struggle with my addictions every single day. AA works if I work it.