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Suboxone withdrawl
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    Default Suboxone withdrawl

    I got addicted to pain medication when I was 23 at 25 not knowing to much about it I went on methadone this is the worst medication ever I warn everyone to avoid it at all cost fortunately I was able to get off of it and I remained sober for 9 years then in 2013 I had to have back surgery and I was addicted again I decided in June of 2014 to get sober I had heard about soboxone through out the years and found a treatment center where I currently lived and started treatment it worked great for me but I was scared to death about getting off of it I wasn't sure if I would have withdrawals or what but in November I went on a trip to New York I was supposed to be in New York for 3 weeks but I when I arrived I realized I had left all of my suboxone at my house 1200 miles away I called my doctor and he said not to worry he would call in a new prescription for me in New York but due to new yorks strict rules my doctor was only able to call me in a 5 day supply I forgot to mention I was taking 24 mgs a day obviously this was not going to get me through my vacation I was freaking out bc I had read horror stories about soboxone withdrawal I even considered cutting my trip short but I could not afford to change my flight so I accepted that I was going to be miserable for the remainder of my trip but much to my surprise after the soboxone was gone nothing happened everyday I was anxious for the pain to start but it never did day 4 came and went day 5 came and went and so on but nothing happened before I knew it 3 weeks were up and I had been sober for 16 days I know that u may not believe me or think I was not much of an addict but believe I was I would take up to 30 Percocet 10s a day and like I said I was on 24 milligrams of suboxone a day I've been completely sober now for 3 months which isn't an extremely long time but to an addict it is I think that sometimes we let other peoples b.s scare us into thinking something is much worse then it really is if I had not left the soboxone I know I would still be on it bc I was afraid of withdrawals and all addicts know how HORRIBLE withdrawals are but I'm fine I didn't taper myself off I just had to stop bc I didn't have anymore I'm not suggesting to anyone to stop cold turkey bc mentally I think it is crucial for addicts to taper off but I just wanted to share this bc there are way to many horror stories and not enough uplifting ones obviously everyone's experience will be different but I can almost guarantee that u will be surprised to how easy it is good luck to everyone I hope u all the best

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    Hi there, welcome.

    You must be one lucky person because I've never once heard of ANYONE coming off 24mg of Suboxone without going through WD. That's unheard of. Before I got clean, I once had to go without Sub for one week (I was taking 8mg at the time) and within 4 days I was sick as a dog: vomiting, hot/cold sweats, insomnia, anxiety, horrific body aches, couldn't eat, the works. I can't explain why you didn't have any WD. It's bizarre. It's great that you're clean now. Congrats.

    I would never, however, advise anyone to jump off at 24mg. People go through pretty nasty WD. It isn't "BS".
    You got really lucky. Count your blessings!

    All the best,

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