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tapering and freaking
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    Default tapering and freaking

    ok so i am new. i totally ave never even done a forum but ive seen some things today where it seems like some people know what they are saying. i am on a clinic on 26mgs of methadone which i have tapered myself over the past year from 100. ive been stable on 26 for months have been clean from drugs for almost 5 years and feel great. HOWEVER i had a client hit me me and i pretty much freaked out and defended myself of course and they are detoxing me now starting yesterday 2 a day. considering just going to my doc ad getting suboxone he is a prescriber and ive talked to him breifly BUT im scared to be honest. now, i believe that ur mind can defeat you in matters like this so i dont over think things but i need some good real advice. i dont want to be on a high dose of subs i was planning on being totally off of the clinic in 4 months tops anyway tbh i know i can do i doing the right thing? i called another clinic 20 min away which to some is nothing. my clinic was 2 min away from me , but just listening to their criteria and the thought of starting over completely like groups and counseling once a week and going everyday again overwhelmed me. relapsing is NOT an option for me ...aside from this >>>> i have a wonderful life that i had to rebuild because of all my nonsense in the past. i am strong mentally but id be a damned fool to say this isnt scary and that im not scared. id greatly appreciate any help
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    Hey LL82
    Welcome! How are you doing on the methadone taper? You said they're dropping u 2 mg a day? That's a lot. Maybe you're handling it well? You said at 26mg you feel great. How about now? Why not get as low as you can on your present taper and then u could either switch over to subs or just jump off the methadone at 5 mg.? I have jumped at 5 on methadone years ago but i was younger then. This time, i switched over to subs for the taper at 60 mg. It is recommended however, that one taper down to as low as possible to make the switch to subs easier. Read the Taper Plan at the top of the sub forum--it's the first post. It's good that you've decided to rejoin the living! You can do this! Post when u can!

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    Excellent advice.. If you feel the need to switch from Methadone to Subs try and start & stay as low dosage as needed. Try and move off Subs quickly as possible without falling back into the trap. I am on day 16 clean & my legs still hurt & night time / mornings are the worse. My thoughts & prays are with everyone on this chapter of life.. 3 weeks ago went to funeral 27 year old OD
    he just got out of rehab....
    Stay strong this too will pass.
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