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Thought I made the jump, but only lasted 36 hours.
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    Default Thought I made the jump, but only lasted 36 hours.

    Hi everyone

    I've been a long time lurker and I appreciate all the support and kinds words offered to others and shared ideas.

    I've been on and off Oxy and Subs for about 3 years.
    My story is typical. I would take a vicodin now and then for fun, and then got real injury which made me jack my dose to feel ok, and well the feeling good part wasn't bad either. I'll fast forward to where I'm at now.

    I was taking 90mg of Oxy per day orally. I took Suboxone for 2 weeks. Started wtih about a quarter strip and started tapering immediately. Week 3 carried on with teeny tiny 1/16ths. I took the last one 36 hours ago, but just had to take something similar to 1/16th. I was just feeling so DARK and anxiety ridden all day long and didn't want to take too many benzos.

    Did I just set myself back or should I just mess up my taper a bit.?

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    So how much benzo and for how long have you been taking them? Your description of being DARK (all caps) and anxiety ridden sounds very much how I felt in benzo withdrawal. If you have been jumping around doses of benzos could be the cause, but others will have to say whether they think it's the sub jump and whether you need to maybe go to every other day with sub dose for a bit. I don't have any experience with subs.

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    Just dark and anxious? Sounds pretty good to me. You're doing great. Just trust the process and feel very grateful and thankful that you were only on subs for 2 weeks Gotta go through the darkness to reach the light. It will get better. Hang in there.
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