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Took one pill of Tylenol #3, when would it be safe to resume my Suboxone?
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    Question Took one pill of Tylenol #3, when would it be safe to resume my Suboxone?

    Hello, first time posting here.I am currently on Suboxone treatment where I take 8mg daily. I have been on this treatment for quite a while (Over 1 year). Just yesterday I went to the dentist because I was having insane pain in my mouth, it turns out I have at least one abscessed tooth so they prescribed me some pain meds and antibiotics for it until I can get it fixed.

    Now the pain meds they prescribed were Tylenol with Codeine #3 and I was in so much pain I didn't really even think about it, so when the pharmacist said that there was no drug interactions I took one orally right then and there and went home to sleep.

    But now that the pain has died down a bit and I can think straight I know realize that there is indeed interactions between the two. So I was wondering how long do I have to wait before I can resume my subs?

    I took the Tylenol #3 over 24 hours ago (27 to be exact) but am not sure if it is fine for my to take my subs yet. I know that I am supposed to wait until I feel at least mild withdraws (I am not feeling any discomfort maybe just lazy). But since it was only one pill of Tylenol #3 I am not sure if that would even give me withdraws since I am assuming most of the opiates didn't even make it to my receptor since the suboxone blocked all of it.

    So I would figured I would ask some of you for some help or information since my doctors office is closed. If you need any more information about my sub treatment or anything else please ask.

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    You have so much sub in your system right now that I'm fairly sure that your receptors are so full that the T3 didn't do a thing. You should be able to resume your sub without having any trouble. Waiting for moderate to severe withdrawals is when first inducting subs.

    I know you didn't ask, but I feel like I should mention that 8mg of sub per day is a high dose. I'm also sure that this is probably what you are being prescribed because most folks are told to take that and even higher doses of sub per day. I would suggest that you find Robert's Sub Taper Plan attached at the top of the Suboxone Forum and read it. You can, of course, skip the step about waiting for withdrawal symptoms because you've already been taking them and for quite a while. The half life of subs is very long (as much as 72 hours) so it rapidly accumulates resulting in you having far more in your system than what you've taken in any given day. Tapering from them can be done quite comfortably so long as you follow the plan carefully. The longer you stay on them, the longer and more difficult it will become to get off of them.

    Please consider beginning to taper. You just might be surprised that you may not even feel the first few reductions and in fact, most people report feeling BETTER once they get to a much lower dose.

    Read around this Forum looking most especially for those in the process of their own sub taper. It's entirely possible to be completely clean but you have to start in order to get there. Good luck.



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    Welcome. Cat is correct. Just resume normal dosing but if i was you, i'd consider dropping to a lower dose. 8 mg is a high dose for maintenance. As Cat said, read the Sub Therapy sheet at top of sub forum.
    I had to go into hospital for an issue while tapering and they gave me dilaudid. When i got out, i resumed my normal sub dose. No problem. The wd thing is only for the beginning when ur inducting the subs.
    Good idea reaching out for help! Should u decide to taper, u will have support here!
    Hang in there!

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