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Using Subs to Detox from Opiates (NEW)
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    Default Using Subs to Detox from Opiates (NEW)

    Hi All,

    I've been extremely serious eradicating an opiate dependency/addiction out of my life. I've only been on them for 3 months with some moderate progression. However, I've tried quitting and couldn't bare the withdrawals; they were quite extreme. So, I continued on taking the Roxi 30s in quarter pieces, then finally went off the Roxi 30s and used my final x30 Vic 10/325s over a period of 6 days to ween down a bit.

    Now, here is how I approached my detox. I was able to obtain x6 Sub 8mg strips illegally. I cut the strip into x10 equal pieces. I waited 18-19 hours with some moderate WD symptoms before induction. Well, this was a major mistake for me. I inducted 1.5mg of Sub and immediately precipitated BAD for 15 minutes (thankfully not longer). Heart pounding >170bpm, instantly soaked in sweat, anxiety, diarrhea, and the whole works. I was ready to go to the ER because Inliterally thought I was going to have a heart attack. Well, after 15 minutes ALL WD symptoms subsided and I was relieved. ****PLEASE whoever reads this post ensure that you are FULL BLOWN WDs for a minimum of 24 hours before induction. Precipitated WDs are NO joke and you'll wish you were dead (learned my lesson on this one).

    However, it's been now 5 days on Subs. Here is my schedule over the past 5 days:

    Day 1: Subs = 1.5mg @6pm, Subs = 1mg @6am
    Day 2: Subs = 1.5mg @5pm, Subs = 1mg @5am
    Day 3: Subs = 0.75mg @4pm, Subs = 0.75@5am
    Day 4: Subs = 0.5mg @5pm, Subs = 0.5 @11am
    Day 5: Subs = 0.5mg @9pm

    Total over 5 days = 8mg

    This morning at 11am (Day 4 on the above chart) I started getting slight chills and a slight runny nose with NO Bup intake for 18 hours. The 0.5mg took all them WD symptoms away until 9pm (Day 5 on the above chart).

    At this point, I have yet to experience ANY WD symptoms at all since the precipitated WDs I felt in the first 15 mins of my induction. This is my very first time using Subs.

    Of course, my questions are quite obvious:

    1.) Is this any amount of Sub to become physically dependent???
    2.) When should I halt my Sub intake?
    3.) The goal is to use Subs as a short term detox method as opposed to maintenance, so should I still expect WD symptoms coming from the original opiate addiction I had? OR are these Sub WDs I was experiencing on Day 4 after no use for 18 hours (above)?

    I can't imagine having WDs from Subs after only 4 days. Unless????

    4.) I have Dr prescribed Clonidine 0.1 x10, Librium 20mg x50, Lorazepam 0.5 x10, and Diphenhydramine .25mg x20. Should I stop the Subs and just use the prescription mess above?

    Honestly, the Dr never gave me any instruction on when and how to use them (never used Benzos in my life btw).

    I'm not trying to become dependent on Subs, but want to use JUST enough to get me through the pill WDs. ANY additional comments and advice would be greatly appreciated.

    NOTE: I've been going to NA meetings daily for 2 hours a day for the last 30 days. So, I've been REALLY serious about this so far and seem to be making strides, but DO NOT want to exchange one drug for another. PLEASE community any help is greatly appreciate.


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    Def an A for effort. How are you feeling now? Kinda confused about your taper plan to be honest but going to 2 hours of meetings will help you a ton and it sounds like you weren't on opiates for a significant length of time?

    Sounds like you can just follow Roberts taper plan and Thomas Recipe and be ready to perhaps experience a bit of discomfort but just know that it will pass and keep going to your meetings, etc. You got this.

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