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Wanting to start Subs detox.
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    Heavy: I laughed so hard at your post!!! I really appreciate that you're not mad at me!!! Though I should be mad at you like your wife: a pint of icecream AND chocolate? Yeah, I can see the thighs getting bigger just thinking about it LOL. I am glad you know yourself and body well enough to do this your way and that you did clarify that you wouldn't recommend this way to anyone. Sometimes I'm just a worrywart. It truly is funny how you told the pm people off, they deserve it for letting you hang. And geez, now they want to help you!!! What a crock. I truly am happy that you are doing what works FOR YOU. And thank you for the kind remarks. Keep us updated! Wishing you nothing but the best after such a rough ride, especially.


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    Heavy! How are you? Long time no see. Are you finished with your taper? I assume you are since one of your last posts said you were down to .5 mg. I hope you're clean and doing well.


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