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dog is losing weight
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    Default dog is losing weight

    I have a 1 yr old pitbull she is very small about 45 lbs I had her at the vet and they said she is fine just small and thats how she will be. Since she is so small when she loses anything it shows. I had her at a kennel for a week while I was away she lost maybe 5 lbs (hard to tell she freaks out on a scale) but her ribs and spine were showing I called the kennel and they said she ate everything. Thats when I took her to the vet, I got her weight back up to where you couldnt see the spine or ribs and she was good for a few weeks and now I notice her spine is starting to show again. Is there anything I can give her to help add some weight to her even if I can get her up to 50 or anything so its not so bad if she loses weight? I heard wheat germ but is that safe? I tried to feed her on a schedule but she wouldnt do it since she only eats when she wants. can anyone help?

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    I am not a vet, nor do I have any training in this arena. I have had many dogs, so simply from experience I say.....

    Have you ruled out heartworms? If she's already on ivermectin, it's not that. The most common effect of heartworms is a cough and weight loss. Does your dog have a cough?

    You could try adding a tablespoon of warm bacon fat to the dog's food, that would increase the caloric density and palatability.
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    Your dog sounds like it has either a sensitivity issue to certain foods or perhaps a pancreatic problem.

    As long as your dog is regularly treated with a MULTI wormer that is purchased from your vet and is prescription strength, then you can safely rule out a worm infestation that would account for a healthy appetite and weight loss.

    if this is all done then it MAY be one of two things:

    food intolerance: certain foods do not agree with individual dogs and cause vomiting, diarrhoea or are just not nutritionally beneficial to dogs to allow healthy weight gain. This may be the reason why the dog got better initially and then regressed back to losing weight, perhaps you stumbled on a food that agreed with the dogs digestive system??

    pancreatic insufficiency: common in breeds like GSD's (not sure about pitbulls as we're not allowed to have them in the UK anymore!)
    Your vet can determine this by a blood test: TLI, folate and cobalamin which will tell them if certain enzymes within the pancreas/small intestine are being under/over produced and leadin to malabsorption of nutrients within the dogs food.

    These are only ideas but it may be worth investigating in such a young dog.

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    Did your vet check her for worms? Is her appetite, bowel movements normal? Worm infestation is usually the case in young, otherwise healthy dogs. As far as losing weight during her boarding time, this is not usually cause for alarm. This happens with many dogs not familiar with the separation from an owner. I would also inquire at the vet about a high caloric food. Petsmart and other larger pet shops carry specific foods for individualized diets. I would also have some blood work done so her vet can rule out any serious issues such as pancreatitis. I'm skeptical that this is an issue though as the onset of symptoms is very obvious and the dog becomes ill in a short time frame. Bottom line, if she seems otherwise healthy, have her checked for worms and find a good quality, high caloric food. Keep her activities low for a few weeks and and see if she puts on some weight. Good luck to you and double check for the worms.
    My Best Wishes,

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    Hello Carolyn!

    By the way Im carles, I had observed that a pet cat of mine whenever she doesn't want to eat her food it is because she don't likes it.Try some other, I recommend.

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    Some dogs have trouble gaining weight due to health problems, would suggest for veterinarian-approved diet for that dog. Best dog feed would be real meat which will contain more meat than water. Protein and vegetables should be added in the diet like fish, beef, chicken, egg peas, green beans and do keep in mind not to give onions, garlic, barcarole, cauliflower which would have negative effect. Brown rice, millet and whole-wheat pasta are good sources of carbohydrates for a dog’s diet. No more than 20 percent of its total diet. Still if your dog is not able to gain weight after few weeks consult a vet...Sometimes, dogs lose weight because of lack of exercise so take him for running in morning and evening on regular basis. Always remember to slowly add new ingredients and try adding ingredients at the end of the week in the afternoon.

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