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dog pregnancy?
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    Exclamation dog pregnancy?

    How do u tell if a dog is overdue or having false pregnancy?

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    false pregnancy is usually indicated by a few symptoms:

    overtly maternal behaviour, this may include nesting with bedding/blankets etc, or choosing to stick like glue to a favourite object or toy and take this to the "nest"

    choosing one member of the family in particular to cuddle up to and follow around and being agressive to anyone that comes near that person!!

    some vulval swelling may occur

    some lactation from nipples may occur

    a false pregnancy usually happens when a female dog is mated with a sterile male dog or more commonly, when an oestrus cycle has finished a rise in progesterone occurs giving the impression of a pregnancy.

    Vets can prescribe medication (Galastop) to help but if symptoms are not deemed severe enough, your vet may recommend neutering when it is safe to do so (usually between oestrus cycles)

    If you know that your female dog has mated, always get an ultrasound JUST IN CASE!!!!
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