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Parvo- 5 downed,1 survived the ordeal-75d pitbulls pups;OVERFEEDING & excess H2O
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    Thumbs up Parvo- 5 downed,1 survived the ordeal-75d pitbulls pups;OVERFEEDING & excess H2O

    This thread is dedicated to the 5 UKC pit bull puppies that died from parvo viral infection and that any ones opinions and experiences is invited to write your STORY OF SURVIVAL . AGAINST THE ONSLAUGHT OF CANINE PARVO VIRUS so that this will provide fresh information and HOPE of survival to the next newborn puppies in this planet IN THE DAYS AHEAD...

    Background -Despite the 6 pups have been regularly dewormed and have given 2 shots of 5 in 1m containing parvo vaccine.

    My MISTAKE - OVERFEEDING and EXCESSIVE water supply!

    Can you imagine 6 pups in a row being infused with iv fluids. Thanks for the invention of baby pampers this have minimized the difficulties of managing and cleaning the mess from the watery diarrhea...

    I have to use technique/styles to keep the iv needle stable and would sustain the the lifeline bet the solution (D5LRS) and the pups cephalic vein to the extent of hanging their body to minimized movement and consequential dislodge of the needle.

    But because maybe with the collateral myocardial/cardiac nature of the infection the pup's body has to yield within 2 to 3 days time and die after the other.

    To be continued.

    Please be free to share your story of WINNING /SURVIVING Canine Parvo Virus ...

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    Default Our Parvo Experience

    My daughter had two adult labs and had two big healthy litters which they sold. They built an elaborate area for the dogs, fenced, play area, shelter, easy to clean on concrete. Despite that, the puppies suddenly began to get sick. She took them all to the vet, nine, and they all died of Parvo. I don't know at what stage they were in their shots but the parents had been treated. The vet sent one of the pups to a local university to be tested and it was determined that it was parvo.

    She bought me a poodle pup for a present and when we had to go out of town I left her with my daughter at the request of my two granddaughters. When I came back at the end of the week, my granddaughters did not want to give her back to me and begged and pleaded with me to let her stay longer. It was hard but I relented to let her stay a little longer. Suddenly she was very sick. My daughter took her to the vet but it was too late and she died that day. When we bought her from a pet store, they told us she had already been given her shots and parvo vac. This was apparently not true and we went back to the store with her papers and they were gone.

    The vet said that she had probably contracted parvo from the past litter that had contracted it and that the virus can live for seven years.

    My daughter cleaned everything with bleach, all her floors, they took down the dog area, got rid of all dog toys and beds and the crates they owned and washed all blankets and anything that Poodly had been on.

    I got another pup from an acquaintance whose sister had a baby and the baby was pulling the dogs ears and tail and being snapped at so they wanted to find him a good home. I asked about shots and he told me that the dog had been given it's shots. I specifically asked about parvo and they said that he had been given all the shots in a package deal at their vet. I took him to my vet and he was checked out and in great shape, and my vet told me to get a copy of the shot record to make sure he had everything he needed.

    I had asked for their vets phone number so I could call and get a copy of the record and they agreed to get it for me, but before I could get that information, within a matter of a couple of weeks, our little Prestley got really sick. We rushed him to our vet that morning when we got up and saw him sick. They diagnosed him with Parvo.

    They came in and told us that it would take about $600 to treat him and even then he might not live. I knew I did not have that kind of money and my son did too and he was so attached to Prestley. He left the room in tears. The nurse looked at me for a minute then told me to stay there just a minute and she would be right back.

    She was gone a few minutes and came back in and closed the door. She said, "I see that you all love your dog and I know you just had him in here to make sure he was healthy and I can see how much your son loves him, so I want you to give me your dog. You won't really be giving me the dog, but you are going to say that you are. I am going to treat the dog myself at the amount of money I would have to pay if it were my dog. If he lives, I will call you and meet you somewhere and give you the dog back and you will just pay me that amount that I spent, (which I think was like $35 or $65 - I can't remember but it was a miracle.) She said, if he does not make it, I will still need you to pay that amount. Do we have a deal?" Of course I agreed.

    She told me that the other nurses knew what was going on and they would not say anything and asked me not to say anything when we left because she didn't want anyone else to hear it.

    She said that the vetinary had just changed hands and the new vet was all about the money instead of the heart and she and the other nurses were still about the heart and helping the pet and the people. She then went outside to tell my son what she was going to do and to comfort him and bring him back in, while I stayed inside and held Prestley. That right there blessed me.

    They both came back in and we said goodbye to Prestley and left. She called us from her own phone number a few days later and said that Prestley had made it so far and it looked as though he was going to pull through. She arranged to meet us the next day and brought medication for him and he was so happy to see us and us to see him of course.

    Perhaps what she did was not the most ethical in her boss's opinion but in our opinion she was an angel and we told her so. Thank God for people like her that realized that pets are not just disposable and if you don't have enough money to treat a serious illness like this you don't have to lose your pet.

    I shudder to think what would have happened if we had gone to a different vet with Prestley. He is treated for Parvo and my daughters and son and myself have all agreed never even to bring a new pet home to our house or my daughter's house without first seeing an official certificate that Parvo vac. has been given or just go ahead and get then one anyway. We will never take that chance again.

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